Our Team



Dana Wilson


Cheery and chocolate fondue lover. She is the master artist behind all the original art we sell here in Captured in Art. Always ready to jump at another big illustration, although somewhat of a sleepy head.

Chris Grant

CEO - Manager

Tea loving, puzzle solving, salsa dancing leader of the whole organization. He oversees that funds are high and production is at the very best. Also, irrationatly affraid of butterflies.

Mason Bradley

Marketing & Analytics

World traveler and cuisine expert. The only dude in the office who knows how Facebook analytics work. Best grill cook in the world.

Mia Patterson


The only irrational person on the planet who prefers Pepsi to Coke. Mia takes all the awesome pics for our products. Her husband once fought an alligator...so that's neat.

Nils Pira

Web Designer

Can't smile at photos but knows the best card tricks around. We got a beautiful website, courtesey of Mr. Pira. He spends his free time rewatching How I met your mother for like the 30th time.

Sharon Barker

Graphic Designer

Adventure time enthusiast and devoted puppy lover. She's the sharp creative eye of the team. When things look sweet, Sharon Baker is behind them.



Likes to sleep on everyone's backpacks and bark at mirrors. He lifts the morale of the team like a pro. Also has interesting views on Latin Americans recessive economy.